This Sunday I took Makaira 33 miles offshore in quest of Swordfish. Our first drop in 1,600 feet went super well, hooking up with a 250 pound plus swordfish that we battled for 1 hour. Approximately 60 feet from the boat with the fish on top moving his bill from side to side the hook pulled.

With only 15 minutes left to fish at 2:00 that afternoon we connected with the second bite. The small fish weighed about 70 pounds and I made the decision to harvest the fish to grace our table.

Everyone who knows me knows that these trips take a horrendous toll on me. And the payback would be judged by most people to be not worth it. But to me it is worth every nautical mile.

I was definitely sick. The Islamorada fire department came to help me on 2 separate occasions. I ended up in the emergency room in Mariners Hospital around 1:00 in the morning. I was delirious in pain in my lower abdomen.

A number of tests show what nobody wants to hear. A large tumor in my stomach.

As I was starting to feel better I was rushed to the Baptist Hospital of Miami where I am right now.

Of course we are praying for the tumor to be benign, but no matter how you judge it I think I am going to be under the knife fairly quickly. Dorothy, now my wife, has been at my side every moment and is doing an incredible job. Matter of fact she will arrive at Baptist Hospital of Miami within the hour.

I’ve always told it the way I see it.

I am scared and I am praying for the best. But those who walk with Him, never walk alone.

Captains at World Wide Marina are watching my beloved Makaira and many of my Captain friends are galvanizing around Dorothy.

No matter what happens, I hope to be back on the Swordfish grounds sooner than later.

Never give up, never say never. Wind in your face fair chase. I’ll keep you in the loop.

It is gonna be some embarrassing when they remove this tumor from my stomach if it’s nothing but a bunch of chocolate donuts that have been impacting over the course of my life.