This Saturday the ocean was flat and after loading Makaira for a Swordfish adventure my heart sunk when the boat would not start.

I was invited by the owner of the 36 ft. Luhrs called “The Solutions” which was to be captained by Billy Chapman for the day. We made a total of 4 drifts. The first 2 we had extremely aggressive bites and couldn’t hook up, the 3rd drift we got skunked and the 4th had about 1650 ft. We hooked up to what I consider to be a very big fish. After a fairly aggressive two-hour battle, we got a good look at him on the surface. I estimated the Swordfish at 385 lbs., this was a real nice one, with the wind-on leader on the reel with two gaff men ready, the hook pulled. There’s that sinking feeling that all of us have experienced when a monster buck doesn’t offer us a shot from our tree stand or, when the big fish has been lost. It’s kind of also like when a girlfriend gives you a “Dear John” letter. I would like to thank the crew of “The Solutions” for having me as a guest.

On Thursday I go for a new cutting edge technology operation on my hand. I must admit I am very apprehensive about this operation. I hope it works! If it does, it would be a life changer.

Wishing everyone a good day and don’t forget one thing; if you want to buy the best book you’ve ever read, go to and order my new book “DRIVEN”! Everybody that’s what you call a plug.

If you are a believer, please send a prayer my way for the upcoming operation.