As I look back at my life as if I was on my deathbed, I truly believe I have done more good than bad. It is true that I have raised a lot of money for people in need. But saying that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have been a good person, true and honest my entire life. I have certainly tried always to be.

I have made some great mistakes when it comes to marriage, when it comes to women in general.

But no matter how these relationships may have turned out in life, they represent some of the best times I have ever spent in my life.

I believe in the institution of marriage and always have. And now later in life, exploring more deeply than ever the word of God in the Bible, as well as my relationship with Christ, I value the institution of marriage even more.

No man is an island. It is my way of saying if you catch the largest Swordfish swimming in the ocean and if it is not shared with friends, than it might have well as not actually have happened. Because the value of the love a man and woman share in marriage and the value that one has with family and friends, aside from your relationship with God, is perhaps what life is actually itself.

So it is I would like to announce that I will be married to Dorothy Stathis at 5:00 PM aboard Makaira at World Wide Sportsman Marina this Saturday.

We will be married by Pastor Tony Hammon from Island Christian Church which Dorothy and I are members of the congregation.

I love Dorothy, she loves me. We both love the ocean and harvesting God’s creation.

Dorothy is a true believer and it can be witnessed in her everyday life.

Many people who know me well have said “Tred, everyone deserves to be happy and that includes you.”

So it is with great humility that I share this great day with you and ask that you would see Dorothy with kind and loving hands.

Never give up, never say never and never miss the opportunity to help someone else in need.

Thank you for letting me share this great moment with you.

Below are pictures of my lovely bride to be.