Arrived in Beaufort, North Carolina yesterday.

Delta Airlines decided to dump me on the tarmac.

Had to see a doctor this morning as my left hip had a bad bruise. If this turns into a pressure sore it is the worst thing that could happen to me.

Now the best thing that is happening to me as I send this post; I am out in the beautiful backcountry of North Carolina with one of the best guides in the business, Captain Lee Parsons. I fished with Captain Lee for 9 years and it is my personal payback for all the work that is about to come.

The picture below is Lee harpooning a redfish at 90 yards, a feat most people have never seen.

Here is a picture of the cove where we are fishing.

Another day, another adventure.

God Bless Everyone.

‘The wind is always calmer, the sun is always brighter, the soul always feels better when you are succesful’ – Captain Lee Parsons.

Hooked up again.