The Barta Billfish tournament was a huge success with over 64 boats, weather was fantastic and over 50 billfish were caught including blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish. During the tournament Dorothy and I fished the inshore division, we released 48 Red Drum in 3 days of fishing, only fishing 3 hours a day with Captain Lee Parsons. It was red hot.

The Fin Planner won the overall tournament, sweeping the field in a 28 ft. Center Console. Keep in mind that many of the boats were between 50-75 ft. and were the best of the best in the North Carolina Governor’s Cup.

Goes to show you, to be in the game you have to be there and when it’s your time, God will give you your shot.

I hope we raised a lot of money. The winner of the “Dolphin Winner Take All” Tournament which was The Deep Blue, captained by Josh Reason won $13,400 for a 38-lb. dolphin and he gave the entire winnings back to the tournament to be given to the Boys & Girls Club of Coastal Carolina. Approximately 80% of all billfish were caught by kids 14 years old or younger, their faces and smiles were priceless when they received their trophies.

Upon returning to Miami, I had a 2-hour surgery on my right hand by taking fat from my stomach using liposuction, DNA fat was injected into my right finger, wrist and arm in an attempt to try to solve the excruciating pain that I am now taking methadone for. The bandages are to be removed on Monday.

I do not know how successful the operation was because the hand is so sore from the procedure that I’m forced to take pain drugs. I could have never gotten through this without Dorothy who has been a real champ. You can imagine how hard it is to take care of someone in a wheelchair who can only use one arm. Getting in and out of bed, showering and transporting everything is a major mess.

My church, Island Community has been a great help not only on offering their prayers but offering people to help.

Unfortunately, today’s accomplishments are things which are easy for most people. Dorothy and I must figure out how to get me in the shower, not get my bandage wet, and get back in bed. Not exactly a space shot.

So, I simply say, never give up, never say never, every day is a blessing, every day is a new adventure.

Talk to you soon.

P.S. This situation has confirmed to me that any man is only as great as the woman behind him and that’s a fact.