Thank you everyone for the great start of the Barta Fund!

There are some who may not think that what we have done is a miracle but it is.

Our captains’ board has been filled by Captain Paul Minning, Captain Matt Bellinger, Captain Tred Barta and Captain Billy Chapman. Anyone who knows the Florida Keys, knows these guys. They are the best. Our attorney has been picked and we appreciate him very much, his name is Mr. Nick Mulick, Esq. Our first business man has been picked, Mr. Pasta Pantaleo, he is a world class artist.

Progress is being made. Right now, the 401c3 is in the works, we have 17 donations and have raised $1,385 which will help a captain or mate and that’s in one day. With over 12,000 people on my Facebook, can you imagine if everyone stepped up over the weekend?

I have always said, if you are afraid to lose, you will never win. So, I am asking all of you, step up this weekend and please give. Let’s see what next Monday’s miracle will brings us.

You know the names of the heroes who have donated so far, you can see it on the GoFundMe page.