I am now celebrating one year with my personal PR agent and partner, Travis Brown, president and owner of Pelopidas, First Rule and Bartaway. Travis, a very successful businessman in many sectors and a well deserved innovator in the communications world has planned an exact roadmap to where I sit today. I have the back page of Big Game Fishing Journal, I write the back page of Florida Sport Fishing and I am a contributor for Newsmax. 

Travis has published my second book titled ‘Driven’ and as I write this he is negotiating with a perfect network to take a shot at getting me back on TV, spearheading a motivational speaking tour while simultaneously negotiating with several sponsors of which he feels would be a good fit. It is extremely hard to find an honest, hard working, moral agent. It is hard to find a PR organization which is fair, understands the client and simultaneously respects what the client stands for. Travis is a small and big game hunter as well as a total salt water fisherman. He truly understands why we hunt and fish and what it means. This understanding makes him a perfect fit. Travis often makes fun and says “Tred, my biggest challenge is letting people know you are still alive.” I have often said publicly “if you are not afraid to lose, you will never win.” I am now telling all of you that this is my year. 

So if any of you would like to help me obtain many of the goals which I have, I would be greatly appreciative. If you have a hunting or fishing club or you are in need of a motivational speaker, either at a company, hospital, cancer center etc please consider my services. You can see a sample of my public speaking if you go to Bartaway.com

As I am writing this I am thinking to myself that this is really quite a commercial message and it might seem inappropriate. But to me it does not seem inappropriate in any way, shape or form. I am asking for your help and I have worked incredibly hard from where they said I have 1 week to live 8 years ago to today of which I hope several announcements will absolutely demonstrate the flight of the phoenix. 

Travis Brown and his staff believe in Tred Barta. His company is kind and they believe in my message. I told you from the day that you all met me on Facebook more than 10 years ago that I would always be honest and the truth would always be in me. I have helped 123 people on my Facebook by being phone pals and helping them through many of the problems which I faced myself. 

So I say to all of you, if you have any ideas on the above, please let me know.

One thing is for sure: I will not leave this Earth being run over by a milk truck. I am going out in a flash, a bang, helping someone else to be simply the best that they can be. 

From the heart as always,

Captain Tred Barta

PS – I am doing an engagement shortly where I am traveling for a surprise birthday party for a Dad in Oklahoma who has watched my entire series. It should be a lot fun and the fee which I charged was felt to be very reasonable. I do not like the deceit in our world today. If you are asking for help, ask for it. But don’t ask for help and pretend you don’t need it.

PPS – By the way, the last time I was in the hospital Travis and his wife Kelly Brown were first on the phone. That speaks for itself. 

So I’ll end this with something that will make you smile. You can buy my new book ‘Driven’ at Bartaway.com