This Sunday at the 10:00 service at Island Christian Church at the very young age of 65 I will be baptized. I was baptized at age 6 in Bronxville New York at the Presbyterian Church. It really did not mean much at that time. I have the need to not only publicly declare my belief in Christ as our Savior but would also like to inspire others to know that although I have traveled around the world no less than 4 times. I’ve witnessed almost every culture that exists and have dedicated most of my life to helping others and that I have found no better way to live your life than that of Christianity.

The Ten Commandments are a superb way to live your life. The comradery and sense of community that the church offers absolutely makes this a better world to live in. I often say that those who walk with Him do not walk alone.

I had planned on my baptism being a very small event with Pastor Tony Hammon, Dorothy and myself. But I keep hearing from the leaders of my congregation that baptism inspires others and is meant to be shared. Therefore I do it at the church.

From a personal point of view this is an embarrassing and ugly moment. Four men have to carry me in my wheelchair into the baptismal chamber with the entire congregation watching. My colostomy bag and super pubic urine tube have to be sealed prior to going to church. Four grown men, hopefully from the fire department, all have to get wet. From a private side, it is a nightmare. But it is not a mosquito bite compared to Jesus Christ being sacrificed on the cross for our sins and therefore, it is no longer about me.

In today’s world those of faith are under persecution and I say to all Christians to not allow this to happen and to influence your beliefs. But let it be known that of all things I have ever strived to be, of all things I may have accomplished in my lifetime, I am a Christian first and everything else second.

Dorothy will be at my side therefore how bad can things be?

I invite all who would like to come to church on Sunday at Island Christian Church in Islamorada (83250 Overseas Highway, Islamorada) please come and share with me my commitment to the Lord.

I made a deal with God several years ago asking for forgiveness on Sunday. If it was okay not to go to church, if the wind would blow 10 knots. This Sunday it is supposed to be blowing 30. So I know my friends will not be fishing.

Please join Dorothy and myself.