Big Game Fishing Journal is a magazine that was started by my dear friend, Len Belcaro, who by the way raised $75,000 in cash from the readership when I was in peril of losing my life from cancer and medical bills were larger than Mount Everest. Len recently sold the publication to a loyal group of employees whom I have worked with for years. I have written for this magazine since its first issue in 1988. Big Game Fishing Journal is without question, the most informative magazine on fishing the mid-Atlantic to the northern most canyons and it also covers inshore in great depth. The magazine is home to the best canyon fishermen in the world and has wonderful sections on cooking, travel, and manufacturer’s build.

The employees as owners want to expand the magazine readership. I employ you as a prospective reader to subscribe to the Big Game Fishing Journal.

I write for the two best salt water magazines ever produced. The Big Game Fishing Journal and Florida Sport Fishing magazines. If you already subscribe to the Big Game Fishing Journal please get your neighbor, friend or anyone who does not already get it to subscribe. As canyon fishermen and fishermen of the northeast we must preserve the profitability and expansion of this publication.

Although I love the magazine and respect the owners, I have no vested interest whatsoever in writing this. The Big Game Fishing Journal is literally the fabric of northeastern fishing. It is our magazine. Please help ensure that this great work will always be available to us. Please read my article “Tred’n Water” on the back page. I have provided a link directly to the subscription service. Please join our family.