Tough Going

Evening before last I was taken to the ER at 2 AM by the Islamorada Fire Department who put me in a stretcher and took me by ambulance. I was having severe stomach pain coupled with severe arm, back and neck spasms. I had a hard time talking, a hard time seeing and to tell things just like they are I was very, very scared. I was sweating like a pig and then a couple of minutes later I would be freezing. At one point my arms and hands were flailing without control. I didn’t think I was going to make it and I was not prepared to leave this world yet.

Trying to get off pain opiates triggers many complications that I was not aware of. The situation which I found myself in was due to a stalled out lower gastronomic system and a buildup of gas which basically short circuited many of my operating systems from my chest down. Last night I don’t believe I slept more than a couple of hours and again was in terrible discomfort. When you are sick, when you are in excruciating pain or when you are out of control, your entire world stops. Monster swordfish, sunrises and sunsets, all of the things in life which are so valuable to you, don’t mean anything. It is funny just how important basic health is to your outlook on life. As I was getting through this terrible ordeal, Dorothy never left my side and never cracked.

Why do I mention to you these last couple of terrible days? I do so to remind all of us that going through something like this alone would not only be harder but perhaps would not have ended up the way it did. To remind those of faith and to invite those who have not yet understood faith, those who walk with Him do not walk alone and so it is with Dorothy at one hand and the Lord at the other that I am on my way to recovery and this is just another bump in the travel of life. One of the reasons I documented what I have gone through is to show you that I really was scared. At the time I truly did not think I was going to make it. As hard as it is for me to admit that I did not flinch when taking a grizzly bear at 8 yards with a wooden arrow all of us have our breaking point and I just faced one of them.

On Track and Building Speed

Perhaps all of you can gain something from what I am about to say. I wake up between 6 and 6:30. If I don’t my wife Dorothy just about kicks me out of bed. I either ride the bike or workout with weights. Some workouts are terrific and the results of some are pathetic. But I am doing it. My methadone use has come down 50% and by the end of August my goal is another 10 to 15%. I am keeping everything written down so I am not kidding myself.

During the day I am super active, often helping other people and also following my passions for work and play. I am in bed usually by 6:30 to 7 which is very, very early. Get my dose of Fox News and try to fall asleep between 8:30 and 9. I am losing weight but very alarmingly slowly. Dorothy has me on a diet of between 1250 and 1550 calories a day.

The net is I feel better, my attitude is better, I feel more in touch with the environment around me and I truly believe that many of my goals are not being reached because I was in denial.

What’s the net? If you don’t get exercise, if you don’t eat healthy and great food and in my case if you do not believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ as our Savior and read the word you are missing out on so much. Many people think that when I write this stuff it is easy and all I am looking for is attention. People can believe what they want to believe. I am trying to be the most that I can be, I am trying to make the world a better place, and I am trying to have a good life. As we get older, as many of us are, we tend to lower the scale of which you judge yourself every day. I am ashamed of myself that I have to write this. I am basically saying that I have caught myself talking about some accomplishments that I haven’t really made, have either given up on or am just in denial.

So I am back on the track, I am gaining speed and momentum, my energy level is high and as I have said before, this is my year.

If any part of this shoe fits you, why not join me?

If there are any of you out there who are interested in my coming to a surprise birthday party or an event, let me know. I love surprise events. Talk to you soon.

NewsMax: Gun Carry Insurance Helps Secure Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment of the Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As a big game hunter and fisherman, as well as backcountry wilderness educator, conservationist, and a conservative Republican, to me personally — besides religious freedom and all men are created equal under the Constitution of the United States — the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms is a sign of a free country. Lose the Second Amendment and the United States is no longer the free country it is.

For sporting in the great outdoors, nothing truly wonderful escapes my view. One of the greatest products the NRA has offered recently is a homerun; it is the NRA carry guard.

The NRA carry guard is a one-stop resource for those who carry, concealed or otherwise, to prepare them for the real world of gun ownership which would include training and the education necessary to carry a concealed weapon.

It is an unequivocal and non-negotiable fact that in the United States today we have some bad cops. Really bad. Bad to the core, dishonest, and on the take, and also trigger happy. OK everyone I said it, and it is true. But the percentage is so minuscule compared to the men and women in blue who are prepared to put their life on the line on a moment’s notice for you and your kid at a salary often less than that of a garbage collector. Policemen and people of service today are personally my heroes. They are the ones to respond to a 911 call in the middle of the night. And now recently are ambushed by those waiting to kill them.

For those who do not know I am in a wheelchair for the rest of my life being paralyzed from my chest down. I am an active outdoorsman in hunting and fishing, among the best of them. I have a Florida carry permit and usually carry an LC or a glock, concealed. There is not a day in my life I hope I never have to use my pistol to defend my life, my wife, family’s life, or that of an innocent bystander.

Any reasonable, intelligent, lawful American citizen who has a carry permit realizes the day they discharge their weapon being completely justified in accordance with the law that their life the way they know it is over. They will be thrown in jail; they will be questioned by attorneys, asked to sign statements. It will be assumed that they are not innocent of using their weapon and that by the time the process is over they will have used hundreds of thousands of dollars defending themselves with the liberal anti-gun left threatening and doing everything in their power to throw you in jail. During this process if you are not rich you will probably be forced to mortgage your home and the time involved will absolutely put you out of business, if you are in business. I’ve actually had people tell me that they are so afraid of the aftermath of using their firearm legally that they no longer carry. I personally consider my right to carry the greatest privilege in the history of the world and I say this to you with all humility and respect, it is a fact. I live in a free country, I carry a loaded pistol and the responsibility of which that carries is enormous. It is also what makes America great.

The NRA carry guard is a service of the NRA; I believe I pay $360 per year for myself and my wife who also carries. NRA carry guard members receive up to $1.5 million of civil protection and $250,000 in the criminal defense costs reimbursement after acquittal or dismissal with up to 20 percent of the criminal defense costs limit available as supplementary payments for expenses. Each NRA carry guard member receives individual insurance protection up to the dollar amount indicated by their membership level. I am an NRA gold member. There is also bronze which carries $250,000 civil protection and $50,000 in criminal defense. The silver offers $500,000 in civil protection and $100,000 in criminal defense. Your insurance program with the NRA is supported by a very respected name in the business, Chubb, the largest publicly traded property and causality insurance company in the world. The NRA’s official statement is “Our mission is your protection.” Today more than 15 million Americans legally carry firearms in defense of themselves and others. These are among the safest, most reliable, law respecting group of people on the planet. It was for this group that the NRA carry guard was created.

I truly hope that I never have to use my pistol. On the other hand, if I ever have to I do not want the aftermath of legal trauma to influence whether I discharge my firearm or not. On the back of my NRA carry guard membership card it says the following: If you are forced to act in lawful self defense. #1 – Call 911. Identify and describe yourself and your location. Provide information to insure safe arrival of first responders. #2 – Wait for the police. Follow officer’s commands. Identify the attacker. Tell police you are exercising your right to remain silent until you speak to a lawyer. #3 – Call NRA carry guard 1-888-672-9111.

My name is Tred Barta. I am a proud NRA gold carry guard member. I have been a lifetime member of the NRA yet I never can be found in the register. My name is Tred with a T. They write me letters calling me Fred Banta, not Barta. I am not paid by the NRA; I have not talked to the NRA in 20 years. I receive no money or sponsorship whatsoever from the NRA. The NRA has no idea I have written this article. So everyone you figure it out. I am a proud American, I carry my pistol and I bought the insurance program. As I see on an advertisement on TV which I would like now to paraphrase: “What’s in your wallet? In mine there is freedom.”


Best Agent in the World

I am now celebrating one year with my personal PR agent and partner, Travis Brown, president and owner of Pelopidas, First Rule and Bartaway. Travis, a very successful businessman in many sectors and a well deserved innovator in the communications world has planned an exact roadmap to where I sit today. I have the back page of Big Game Fishing Journal, I write the back page of Florida Sport Fishing and I am a contributor for Newsmax. 

Travis has published my second book titled ‘Driven’ and as I write this he is negotiating with a perfect network to take a shot at getting me back on TV, spearheading a motivational speaking tour while simultaneously negotiating with several sponsors of which he feels would be a good fit. It is extremely hard to find an honest, hard working, moral agent. It is hard to find a PR organization which is fair, understands the client and simultaneously respects what the client stands for. Travis is a small and big game hunter as well as a total salt water fisherman. He truly understands why we hunt and fish and what it means. This understanding makes him a perfect fit. Travis often makes fun and says “Tred, my biggest challenge is letting people know you are still alive.” I have often said publicly “if you are not afraid to lose, you will never win.” I am now telling all of you that this is my year. 

So if any of you would like to help me obtain many of the goals which I have, I would be greatly appreciative. If you have a hunting or fishing club or you are in need of a motivational speaker, either at a company, hospital, cancer center etc please consider my services. You can see a sample of my public speaking if you go to

As I am writing this I am thinking to myself that this is really quite a commercial message and it might seem inappropriate. But to me it does not seem inappropriate in any way, shape or form. I am asking for your help and I have worked incredibly hard from where they said I have 1 week to live 8 years ago to today of which I hope several announcements will absolutely demonstrate the flight of the phoenix. 

Travis Brown and his staff believe in Tred Barta. His company is kind and they believe in my message. I told you from the day that you all met me on Facebook more than 10 years ago that I would always be honest and the truth would always be in me. I have helped 123 people on my Facebook by being phone pals and helping them through many of the problems which I faced myself. 

So I say to all of you, if you have any ideas on the above, please let me know.

One thing is for sure: I will not leave this Earth being run over by a milk truck. I am going out in a flash, a bang, helping someone else to be simply the best that they can be. 

From the heart as always,

Captain Tred Barta

PS – I am doing an engagement shortly where I am traveling for a surprise birthday party for a Dad in Oklahoma who has watched my entire series. It should be a lot fun and the fee which I charged was felt to be very reasonable. I do not like the deceit in our world today. If you are asking for help, ask for it. But don’t ask for help and pretend you don’t need it.

PPS – By the way, the last time I was in the hospital Travis and his wife Kelly Brown were first on the phone. That speaks for itself. 

So I’ll end this with something that will make you smile. You can buy my new book ‘Driven’ at

NewsMax: Recreational Anglers Can Avoid Disaster if Fishery Laws Change

The insanity of managing and regulating recreational fishermen’s catch by pounds has to stop.

In our new Magnuson reform bill we have language that allows for alternative management. In the past, when recreational anglers were asked to cut back, the fisheries service increased the size of the fish by inches which increased the amount of pounds of fish being caught. And then the following year, since more pounds are caught they will continue again to add increased size limits which in essence increases the amount of pounds harvested. You can see that this method is absolute insanity.

One terrible aspect of the way the Magnuson management treaty is written is that with increased size limits for recreational anglers, more and more fishing pressure is added to attain the size limit and quota making many more fish released and harmed in the process. Another terrifying aspect of concurrent fisheries management is that the larger the fish get, the more and more female gender fish are taken. Obviously females are the producers of more stock.

In an extremely bold move last week, President Trump and Secretary Ross went against the findings of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to keep the summer flounder (fluke) from going to a 19 inch size limit with a 3 fish per person quota. The size limit remains at 18 inches. The great state of New York not wanting to fight the battle, went along with the recommendations of the Fisheries Council and now is on their way to more and more charter boats going out of business and being susceptible to one day losing the fishery altogether.

This bill named Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2017 (H.R. 2023) has vast support from all recreational salt water anglers in the United States. This entire bill process is brought to congress by Garret Graves of Louisiana.

Although healthcare and taxes, immigration policy and security are and should be at the forefront for every United States citizen, let’s make no mistake people, the world is 75 percent water and in addition to that fact, recreational fishing is about a $30 billion industry in the United States. $30 billion gets a lot of congressman and legislators bought off. Oh everyone, please excuse me I didn’t mean bought off, I meant elected. What a terrible mistake. Our Congress and Senate are moving way, way to slow on modernizing the Magnuson-Stevens Act which basically manages recreational fishing in the United States today.


If you own a boat, if you fish, if you go to a tackle shop, if you have ever gone into a West Marine or if you ever happen to eat fish you are well aware that the ocean and our industry transcends all of our lives daily, in one way or the other. Under the Obama legislation, the answer for all problems was smoke and mirrors, nepotism and kicking the can down the road. Now we finally have a president, which I not only adore and voted for, but a Republican Congress and Senate and they will not listen to Captain Tred Barta or the RFA (Recreational Fishing Alliance) who is the right-saber arm of the recreational fisherman.

I can whine, I can cry, and I can be sarcastic or I can just stand up and tell you the facts. For anyone who doesn’t understand the Magnuson-Stevens Act, in one of my last articles at Newsmax, I truly defined what it is and how it came about. I again implore Secretary of Commerce Ross, Secretary of the Interior Zinke, and President Trump, ruler of the Free World to send Tred Barta to Washington and explain what an injustice is taking place towards the American fishing public.

If I could explain how our fisheries management system is so badly broken, logic would prevail immediately.

I am not running for office, I am not seeking any financial remuneration. Get me on Fox News and I can do all of this in a very short period of time.



Whoever said the golden years were golden, I think was reading the wrong book. I’m tired of so many challenges in my life, especially now. The tough always get going and the weak spend the rest of their lives complaining.

My hand operation is over and done, the bandage has been removed, my hand is swollen and has taken 39 injections of my own belly fat. It may be weeks before I can tell whether it was successful and although it is not an overnight miracle, I think I feel some relief.

The tremendous emphasizes today on opioid dependence unfortunately is very true. I started taking 10 milligrams of methadone a day, I now take 70. So now I have to deal with getting off of methadone completely, the pain it was originally covering and the additional pain from the puncture wounds on my hand. I feel nauseous, I don’t feel well, my hand is pouring out excruciating pain and all of the things I read on the internet about the symptoms of getting off methadone are exactly what I am experiencing.

I’m on a full-blown regiment of young living natural oils which are 100% pure therapeutic grade and to my benefit are working extremely well.

I refuse to stay out of the public view during this very tough period, it’s a fight I want everyone to share because I will succeed, failure is not an option and it should inspire others to do the same. It is a good opportunity for me to show Dorothy how tough I really am and to start listening to her deep knowledge of health and nutrition. It is so hard because all I have to do is pop a couple of methadone pills and relief is coming but as we all know the hard way, the Barta way is not easy, it is supposed to be hard.

So, to those who like me and to those who don’t, I’ve been man enough to put my cards on the table.

That’s it for me today, let’s all get going and be the most you can be all day. I have a feeling this is going to be a very, very, very tough week for me. Boo hoo hoo, I can do it!


The Barta Billfish tournament was a huge success with over 64 boats, weather was fantastic and over 50 billfish were caught including blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish. During the tournament Dorothy and I fished the inshore division, we released 48 Red Drum in 3 days of fishing, only fishing 3 hours a day with Captain Lee Parsons. It was red hot.

The Fin Planner won the overall tournament, sweeping the field in a 28 ft. Center Console. Keep in mind that many of the boats were between 50-75 ft. and were the best of the best in the North Carolina Governor’s Cup.

Goes to show you, to be in the game you have to be there and when it’s your time, God will give you your shot.

I hope we raised a lot of money. The winner of the “Dolphin Winner Take All” Tournament which was The Deep Blue, captained by Josh Reason won $13,400 for a 38-lb. dolphin and he gave the entire winnings back to the tournament to be given to the Boys & Girls Club of Coastal Carolina. Approximately 80% of all billfish were caught by kids 14 years old or younger, their faces and smiles were priceless when they received their trophies.

Upon returning to Miami, I had a 2-hour surgery on my right hand by taking fat from my stomach using liposuction, DNA fat was injected into my right finger, wrist and arm in an attempt to try to solve the excruciating pain that I am now taking methadone for. The bandages are to be removed on Monday.

I do not know how successful the operation was because the hand is so sore from the procedure that I’m forced to take pain drugs. I could have never gotten through this without Dorothy who has been a real champ. You can imagine how hard it is to take care of someone in a wheelchair who can only use one arm. Getting in and out of bed, showering and transporting everything is a major mess.

My church, Island Community has been a great help not only on offering their prayers but offering people to help.

Unfortunately, today’s accomplishments are things which are easy for most people. Dorothy and I must figure out how to get me in the shower, not get my bandage wet, and get back in bed. Not exactly a space shot.

So, I simply say, never give up, never say never, every day is a blessing, every day is a new adventure.

Talk to you soon.

P.S. This situation has confirmed to me that any man is only as great as the woman behind him and that’s a fact.

Deer Spreading Chronic Wasting Disease, Humans May Be Susceptible

Check out Tred’s latest Newsmax article and tell us what you think.#CWD #Hunting #MDC 

Throughout the United States there are many white-tailed deer, elk, and exotic animals kept under high fence. These “trophy” animals are being fed extremely high protein diets which are creating unnatural super-deer. These animals are being transported across state lines, creating a perfect storm for spreading chronic wasting disease (CWD).

Chronic wasting disease is a transmittable spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). The disease can be found in mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose and the list is quickly increasing. The net is in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and many states across the Midwest. Deer are dropping dead by the thousands, in the wild and behind fence.

The philosophical argument of walking into a fenced area, killing a big game animal which is fed, watered and cared for, an animal who hosts monstrous horns due to its super bionic growth food, I will not argue. At the crack of the rifle the mighty hunter, who has paid big bucks, takes his trophy out of the gated area and then brags about it when the monster is on his wall. He often embellishes where he shot the animal, how the animal was taken, and under what conditions he shot the animal. There is monstrous opposition for and against game ranches, which includes fenced game for hunting.

I do not at this time wish to address the pros and cons or the philosophy of what is right and wrong concerning how I feel about hunting farms. I will, however, tell you there is something in the wind which you need to know about. You need to know the facts as it could affect you and your family.

A recent study conducted by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the University of Calgary suggests that humans may very well be susceptible to CWD from deer. The study was recently discussed at the 2017 North American Deer Summit.

Starting in 2009, 18 old world monkeys (Macaques) were exposed to CWD in many different ways. Contact to CWD was made by contact of the skin, oral ingestion, intravenously and also by needle in the brain. At the time of the summit only 5 animals were available and ready for testing. This is where you need to take notice; 2 animals out of the 5 have become infected with CWD. Keep in mind that old world monkeys are very close to human beings. Old world monkeys are much closer to the human DNA than squirrel monkeys which have also contracted CWD in the wild.

By quoting Darrell Rowledge in an interview with Josh Honeycutt of Realtree’s Brow Tines and Backstrap blog, “this is just the tip of the iceberg.” Darrell Rowledge, Director of the Alliance for Public Wildlife, went on to say that CWD is a sister disease to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), the infamous “Mad Cow Disease” that killed 229 people in the United Kingdom and is incurable. Estimates now show between 7,000 and 15,000 CWD infected animals are being consumed by humans every year. Both CWD and BSE have been declared a State of Emergency by the Secretary of Agriculture. CWD seems to go unchecked and the U.S. government is just starting to take it very, very seriously.

CWD could see major fallout in the AG market because of food safety concerns. Darryl Rowledge is very concerned about public safety. Mr. Rowledge goes on to say it could be tragic for the AG market with safety concerns, and he does not see a way to stop CWD. The United States government has bought Deer Farms with CWD and as a result of their purchase, has tried to eliminate CWD in many ways including burning the soil in furnaces, using formaldehyde and radiation. Guess what everyone, it didn’t work. CWD prions can move with blowing wind, dust, or rain water in contaminated soil.

As a big game hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist, a man who has spent a lifetime in the wilderness, I am extremely worried and you should be too. Deer carrying CWD can be transported across state lines without even knowing it. Varmints such as crows and other flying carrion eaters such as vultures can fly almost anywhere from an infected area. It is my humble opinion, and the opinion of many others such as the National Deer Alliance, that within a decade there may be no deer left. Hunters have no idea how bad this could get. According to the NDA, 24 states have now reported CWD. The population model suggests that someday we will no longer hunt the deer species.

Okay, put all the science away, put all the quotes in little boxes and take Tred Barta’s advice: Before eating white-tail and mule deer have it checked for CWD prior to consumption until we can learn more about what is going on. We should not be moving carcasses from one state to another before testing.

Many people suggest that to learn more about CWD, go to

Some simple common sense rules make sense to me. Do not shoot an elk or deer that looks sick. Test your game for CWD before eating. Wear rubber gloves when boning out the meat from the animal and minimize handling of the brain and spinal cord tissue when field dressing the animal.

I would like to thank Josh Rouse, whose article was published by the Topeka Capital Journal. I used his article as a great resource for my article. I give him full credit for his work.

We live in a world of immediate gratification. If you don’t want to spend a week in elk camp, hiking and riding from morning ’til night, finding your trophy, you can just walk into a fenced in area and have your trophy within an hour. If you don’t want to sit in a deer blind, tree stand or stalk for days to shoot a trophy buck, then you can easily get your deer inside of a fence. Unfortunately what you do has consequences to the entire world.

I believe that regulated fence hunting will soon be shutdown around the world — just my opinion. I do not condemn anything which is legal. But my opinion still stands. When you fool around with God’s creatures, when you alter the natural state of the ebb and flow of nature, when you feed deer, elk and Africa’s plains game chicken food and other high protein, inexpensive foods which are laced with antibiotics, vitamins and hormones, watch out. You have a perfect storm.

CWD has moved outside of the fences and across the American breadbasket. If you don’t think we are in trouble, you are a fool. I pray that we can get control of these diseases which are highly communicable before it is too late. I am afraid that a young child will drop dead from CWD soon. I pray that it is not your child. Take a minute and have your game checked and if it is okay, enjoy the greatest wild meat, high in protein and low in fat, healthy as it can get from God’s table. If it has to do with the great outdoors, it has to do with Tred.


At the Tournament

Arrived in Beaufort, North Carolina yesterday.

Delta Airlines decided to dump me on the tarmac.

Had to see a doctor this morning as my left hip had a bad bruise. If this turns into a pressure sore it is the worst thing that could happen to me.

Now the best thing that is happening to me as I send this post; I am out in the beautiful backcountry of North Carolina with one of the best guides in the business, Captain Lee Parsons. I fished with Captain Lee for 9 years and it is my personal payback for all the work that is about to come.

The picture below is Lee harpooning a redfish at 90 yards, a feat most people have never seen.

Here is a picture of the cove where we are fishing.

Another day, another adventure.

God Bless Everyone.

‘The wind is always calmer, the sun is always brighter, the soul always feels better when you are succesful’ – Captain Lee Parsons.

Hooked up again.