Thank you everyone for letting me get out the emergency communique.

My friend got out to The Keys and found a great military presence, I believe the safety of life phase has passed. I share with you some pictures of where I and Dorothy live. At this time, there is no potable water, no electricity and no elevator.

I am still in Missouri and like everyone in Irma’s way, have got things spread out all over the place. The only thing I can do is pray for others. There are so many people worse off than myself. All fuel was stolen and siphoned out of my boat and unfortunately it now rests on some highway in the middle of Florida with 3 blown tires. Obviously, I have a lot of anxiety about that.

Anyone reading this post, when you are away from home and all the physical possessions you care about are in jeopardy, you quickly are just so happy that you are alive. In my case, I do not have anywhere to live at the moment which adds to some confusion. I’m trying to work this out but don’t be surprised if I soon post for an opportunity to stay with someone; Imagine having me as a guest.

I must say I am proud of President Trump, our government is all over South Florida. I truly believe they are doing the best that can be done with the circumstances at hand. I pray for my community which in some ways are all connected to the ocean and fishing. There is not one business nor activity that is not tied into the beautiful waters of The Keys. I know my church, Island Community Church and its entire congregation will galvanize to help.

So, while at this very moment I feel unsettled, I ask all of you to pray for those who are less fortunate. I will be starting a fund shortly to benefit charter captains and mates get back on their feet and will soon ask everyone to help me with this project.