Hi everybody.

When I left my home at 1 AM in Islamorada Florida for the ER at Mariners Hospital, I was a big ball of sweat and having the worst convulsive stomach pain I have ever encountered. I could not speak coherently and I was having spasms in my arms and legs. I was a mess.

At Mariners Hospital a CT scan revealed an approximately 4” tumor in my stomach. It is on the film. I was immediately sent by ambulance to Miami Baptist Hospital wherein it was discovered that I had a UTI infection out of control. A perfect storm, I had gone septic.

To say the least, I was confused. Dorothy took over like a razor and before I knew it she had Doctors names, numbers and took control. A highly specialized MRCR MRI was taken with contrast.

Let me back off the timeline for one second.

It is now Wednesday. Between Sunday and right now, Island Christian Community Church sent Wayne Porter to visit with me. He did not come to preach and he did not bring his Bible. He came with the love and compassion of our Lord and the support and comfort of the entire congregation. I attend a Bible breakfast every Wednesday morning and I enjoy it. All of the guys at the breakfast prayed for me also.

On Facebook so many of you had prayed for me as well.

In my own words, I might say I was covered in prayer.

Remember everyone; if this large dark spot in my stomach is malignant, I am a dead-man walking.

Back to the timeline.

In walk a oncology surgeon, a urologist and a gastroenterologist. They all stand around the bed which I am lying in. At the time I am holding Dorothy’s hand, who slept next to me in a recliner.

The oncology surgeon spoke first. He looked at me and said in an almost embarrassed style “We have the film of the MRCR. There is no tumor, it is gone.” The next doctor says “I don’t understand we have reviewed the first MRI. We have no explanation.”

Dorothy belted out into the conversation “Gentlemen I understand what happened here.”

Further detection by the doctors revealed that I do have lesions on my pancreas and that they are growing. But as late as a year and a half ago, my biopsies are benign. My liver is slightly enlarged, casting a shadow on the outside stomach lining and the net is I will be having a endoscopy biopsy to determine if there is any malignancy in that area.

I am being discharged, on the way home. Still on antibiotics.

No matter how you slice it, chop it or mince it, I take this speed bump as an intervention with the Lord.

I am on my way home to inspire others.

I have a lot of great things left to do in my life and I will do so even more humbly.

Thank you everyone.

I thank you all for the love and care in this time of uncertainty and I would also like to add that I would have never thought I would being having my honeymoon in a hospital room.