On Monday I traveled 34 miles offshore in search of swordfish. I was blessed with a flat, calm ocean.

Upon arriving at the grounds several frigate birds led me to approximately 1,800 feet. I made 5 drops using bonita belly, dolphin belly and was surprised to find a 2.8 knot current.

From approximately 8 o’clock to 3 o’clock we did not experience one touch or one bite. As the reality of the day set in just before going home I realized that the endoscopy with biopsy through my stomach through the tumor and into my pancreas is coming up really, really soon. May 31st is the day.

Just as we wheel up on our last drift before heading home a school of dolphin surrounded Makaira. With 2 spinning rods on board, we put 7 nice dolphin in the boat.

I was teaching a young 25 year old lad, Daniel White, what he has to know to be a mate in the future. I pushed him hard and was relentless as I usually am. I could not break him. He has great potential.

The run home was uneventful and of course I pay dues as tough as they can get. In general I feel weak. My stomach hurts every morning and in the evening right in the exact place of the tumor.

How can I feel it if I am paralyzed from my chest down? Good question isn’t it?

Today’s goal: Be the most I can be.

Today’s wish for you: Be the most you can be.