It was with great hope that yesterday would turn out to be a life changing day with the implant surgery along the ulnar nerve to alleviate the pain in my right hand. As it turned out the entire procedure was a failure and the surgery and the implant was never even completed due to the fact that I could not withstand the pain threshold I was placed in to allow the surgery to continue. I was partially drugged during the procedure with 11 people in the operating room.

Both of my shoulders have been compromised from years of shooting the longbow. That, in addition to the fact that my bicep was torn off the bone and reattached a couple of years ago made for an almost impossible recipe for success.

I consider myself a fairly tough guy but I could not hold the line. I am demoralized and quite disappointed in myself. I personally have never felt such pain in such a concentrated area in my life so far.

Plans for trying this again are in the future, placing my body in a better position. Of course when I woke up this morning I am asking myself, “Why could I not have held the line against the pain I was feeling?” And the truth unfortunately comes down to only one thing, and that is my weakness. It is not a pretty thing to say about oneself.

On the basis of “Never give up, never say never” I will obviously try this again.

I thank everyone for their support. Another day, another adventure.

Not every day is a good one, but that does not mean every day is not great.

For those who believe, greatness will come and it will come sooner rather than later.