As a freelance writer for over 20 years for Sport Fishing and Marlin magazines, I have witnessed the deterioration of big shop journals. Sport Fishing and Marlin are owned by Bonnier Corporation – a multimedia conglomerate operating in 15 countries. To be honest, by the time editorial submissions are washed and dried, writers such as myself are subject to strict writing guidelines to protect all of the advertisers. Really, the content is often diluted. Whether we’re talking about boat reviews, comments concerning National Marine Fisheries or ocean policies, as a writer, editor or an employee, the society is all about profits. It is almost like those magazines are now devoid of any real heart and soul.

Instead, nowadays I am writing for Florida Sport Fishing, not Sport Fishing, not Florida Sportsman nor Marlin, but Florida Sport Fishing. I have a column titled, “Till Next Tide” that appears in every issue.

This family owned and operated business is run by Captain Mike Genoun, who allows the truth to be told. Florida Sport Fishing has become the most influential and in-depth publication covering all of Florida and The Bahamas. The articles are real, well written, and copy is not sanitized. The photos are world class and illustrations are easy to follow. Both readers and advertisers have Florida Sport Fishing on the greatest growth rate of any other magazine in the industry.

If you are a resident or visiting angler in southern waters, or you just want to keep up on the cutting edge of our sport, I urge you to subscribe to this publication. Granted, I may be a little bias because I like Mike. I know how hard he works not only on the magazine but also on his TV series, which airs weekly on Fox Sports Sun. Like Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, Florida Sport Fishing TV teaches techniques from beginning to end. This man clearly has passion, a love for our sport and a code of ethics. This is exactly why the magazine is so good and why I write for them. I think it is fair to say that as long as I have breath in me, I will always write for Florida Sport Fishing. Period.

Subscribe today or at the very least, try a digital subscription for only $1 per copy.  www.FloridaSportFishing.com/Subscribe.