Today Dorothy and I are traveling to Miami to meet with a hand surgeon to see if there is any surgery that could solve my hand pain issues including removing the pinky from my hand completely. It is as pathetic as it is poetic that a man like myself, who has killed a grizzly bear at 8 yards with my longbow should have an entire life ruled by his pinky. It is what it is.

I would like to give gracious thanks to Max Fulmer who purchased my charity swordfish trip for $5,000. This money goes to the kids of the Boys & Girls Club.

As I indicated I am donating 2 trips so I would ask if there is anyone who would like to bid for a weekend swordfishing with Tred Barta. You may see the description of the trip in my post before this one. All bids will be considered. Remember this is all about getting great value and donating money to the kids at the same time.

I pray that the surgeons in Miami will see something that others have missed.