I’ve decided to take a precedent from my recent baptism and use this message with you to help someone else. All of you know me by reputation, not only as an offshore captain but also author and friend.

I enclose to you the resume of Captain Laurence Walker. He is a very dear friend of mine and it is absolutely ridiculous, almost beyond comprehension that he is out of a job.

Besides being a world class fish captain, he is a mechanic and hands on in every aspect of yacht management to training; all this man really wants to do is fish or get a big boat positioned where he can fish. His resume is flawless.

As a Christian and friend I give him my full endorsement, not only on the moral side but on the talent side of the equation. He is great with people, he is great with kids and the man would save any operator $1,000 upon $1,000’s of dollars in maintenance a year.

So everybody let me tell you why he doesn’t have a job. He is 61 years old and is in the physical shape of a 45 year old. He is clean cut, well dressed and well spoken. Most jobs today he is discriminated against because of his age. Perhaps he is too polite and not hip enough. Can you imagine what our world is coming too?

If anyone could pass his resume around to anyone who might be interested I would be most appreciative. He’ll be fishing with me all weekend and staying with me at my home.

So everybody this weekend try to help somebody else like I did.