April 29th at 5 o’clock Dorothy and I were married.

The celebration took place aboard my boat ‘Makaira’ at World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada.

Our pastor Tony Hammon from Island Christian Church read from Luke 5:1-11. It was an absolutely perfect day. I had 2 best men, Steve from Alaska and Travis from Marathon.

As Dorothy entered the dock she walked beneath the Captain’s crossing rods on the dock. Nothing made me happier. The wedding was relaxed with the best of friends. It was in an environment that both Dorothy and I love and was simply the best that anyone could wish for.

This is a hectic week with Dorothy moving in. But the truth be told, my wheelchair has seemed to disappear and life is as it should be. I live in a great place with a great woman, with a great church and many close friends.

As always my glass is half full.

Here are many pictures of our wedding. I hope you enjoy them.

I want to thank everyone for your good wishes and support.

Going sword fishing this Sunday, 30 miles offshore. Looking for the grander.

Will send you pictures on Monday.

PS – How would you like to see me back on TV? More to come…