I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:45 to set up an immediate appointment for an endoscopic biopsy. They will probe a needle that will go through my stomach and into the tumor which is shadowing the stomach wall on the outside and proceed deeper into the pancreas where there are several lesions that are growing.

If this proves to be malignant I certainly am a dead man walking. It is in a bad spot and would require massive chemotherapy and surgery and everyone knows that I am not strong enough to withstand that. If it is benign then I am walking in cotton.

We may have to remove the problem by surgery. This area is causing me to have these attacks at home. The doctors want me to have no sun. The doctors do not want me to be jarred or hit in the stomach. The doctors still have me on massive antibiotics and want to give me more intravenous water. The doctors want the procedure above to happen immediately. The doctors are on me to rest, want me to be quiet and do not want me to tax my system until all has been done.

My wife Dorothy will not read of this Facebook post as I am doing it at night on Sunday evening. Guess what everyone? Tomorrow morning at 5:45 I am heading 35 miles offshore on my Makaira to go swordfishing. I rigged baits on Sunday evening. I was weak but it felt so good so I said to the doctor’s “Standby. I’m gone fishing.”

I plan on hanging one on the scale tomorrow night. This is the best thing I can do for my health right now, to celebrate what I love, to celebrate what I’m good at and to celebrate what I spent my entire life doing.

I’ll communicate with everybody God willing tomorrow evening when I pull into the marina.