In this Feb. 17, 2015 photo, a crew member of the fishing boat Sereno stands on the bow while looking for a docking berth as it arrives into a frozen New Bedford, Massachusettes, harbor. (Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times via AP)

First and foremost, I love my country. I voted for President Trump and I believe he is doing an excellent job for this great nation. I salute him for getting out of the mess known as the Paris Environmental Accord, but when it comes to saltwater issues greatly effecting the American public, President Trump gets an “F” for his missed opportunities.

I have written before in Newsmax and other outlets, but to refresh your memory, Obama used a 1916 loophole called the Antiquities Act. He roped off an area the size of Connecticut to abolish commercial fishing. He will allow recreational fishing, but it’s completely up to the whim of the commerce department. The Aquatic National Monument undermines the regional economy and will deprive countless families of their livelihood.

Now listen up everyone. This 5,000 square mile area is rich in lobster, crab, squid, swordfish, tuna, and other high-demand seafood. The Hudson Canyon, right off New York City, is still in nomination for further sanctuary inventory and is in initiation of the nomination process. If Trump does not move to suppress, cancel, or obliterate the current national park, commercial and recreational fishermen will see a devastation of their businesses and their sport.

Soon, new members will be nominated for the Regional Fisheries Management Advisory Council which presently is riddled with left-wing anti-fishing council members. Trump must intervene. Earl Comstock of the Commerce Department met with the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) and must do his job and get this message to President Trump!

Right now, the black sea bass population in New England is up 300 percent after a 6-year hiatus and rebuilding of their stock. At the same time, recreational fishermen are under strict regulations and may only catch five fish per day. Some of the best fishing is in November and December when tackle shops and marinas are barely hanging on. If a charter goes 15 miles offshore and drops anchor, in less than 5 minutes he will catch his 5 fish. The limit is grossly light because it’s based on old science. Summer flounder is another example, because extremely restrictive, bad legislation affects the charter industry. It’s based on 6-year-old data! The same problem exists with red snapper in the Gulf.


President Trump, you are my president. I give you an “A+” for protecting our country, expanding our economy, and being a leader of the free world, but you must address the flaws in the Magnuson-Steven’s Act. You must strike down the Aquatic National Monuments off the New England coast which is seriously crippling the American fishing industry.

President Trump, I want to see you carry the vote of the fishermen in the 2020 elections. Invite me to the White House, give me 10 minutes of your time and I assure you, you will understand how important this is to the livelihood of the American fisherman. The recreational and commercial fishing industry beg you to do something. It is an unequivocal crime that Earl Comstock of the Commerce Department and Ryan Zinke of the Department of the Interior have not conveyed to President Trump the pleas, the letters, and phone calls not only from myself, but millions of fishermen.

President Trump, help us, we are the American people. You promised to “Make America Great Again.” Why have you not struck down the executive order of Obama for the Aquatic National Monuments? The time for reversing this ridiculous executive order is now!