Riding my bike, working out with weights, working on my diet, reading the best book ever written and by the way, that’s not my new book “Driven”. Attitude is good but can’t seem to catch a break.

Recently endured a real tragedy that you only read about in books and see on TV. An individual or entity has been taking money out of a corporate account. Unfortunately, it was thousands of dollars. I’ve met with the FBI, the police and the bank and it is a fact that the economy and the real estate market have not been good to me. Although to a very wealthy person this would be a hiccup, to me it is creating a mini disaster. It is often hard to be a good Christian, on one hand I want to lock this guy up forever and on the other hand, I wonder if someone needs the money that much, unfortunately, I do and it is my money. I feel very violated.

On a lighter note, I have had quite a bit of activity on my endeavors to get back on TV and I sense that many of my larger sponsors are starting to see my value again.

Everyone have a good weekend and remember always move forward. If you have already accomplished your dreams, you are not dreaming big enough! Ever moving forward, ever moving upwards.