Perhaps all of you can gain something from what I am about to say. I wake up between 6 and 6:30. If I don’t my wife Dorothy just about kicks me out of bed. I either ride the bike or workout with weights. Some workouts are terrific and the results of some are pathetic. But I am doing it. My methadone use has come down 50% and by the end of August my goal is another 10 to 15%. I am keeping everything written down so I am not kidding myself.

During the day I am super active, often helping other people and also following my passions for work and play. I am in bed usually by 6:30 to 7 which is very, very early. Get my dose of Fox News and try to fall asleep between 8:30 and 9. I am losing weight but very alarmingly slowly. Dorothy has me on a diet of between 1250 and 1550 calories a day.

The net is I feel better, my attitude is better, I feel more in touch with the environment around me and I truly believe that many of my goals are not being reached because I was in denial.

What’s the net? If you don’t get exercise, if you don’t eat healthy and great food and in my case if you do not believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ as our Savior and read the word you are missing out on so much. Many people think that when I write this stuff it is easy and all I am looking for is attention. People can believe what they want to believe. I am trying to be the most that I can be, I am trying to make the world a better place, and I am trying to have a good life. As we get older, as many of us are, we tend to lower the scale of which you judge yourself every day. I am ashamed of myself that I have to write this. I am basically saying that I have caught myself talking about some accomplishments that I haven’t really made, have either given up on or am just in denial.

So I am back on the track, I am gaining speed and momentum, my energy level is high and as I have said before, this is my year.

If any part of this shoe fits you, why not join me?

If there are any of you out there who are interested in my coming to a surprise birthday party or an event, let me know. I love surprise events. Talk to you soon.