Spent a great 4th of July weekend with Dorothy.

Caught plenty of dolphin, went Swordfishing twice and only ended up with pulled hooks. Hope to go Swordfishing this Sunday.

Spending some time at a local nursing home helping others.

Leaving next Tuesday for Beaufort, North Carolina for the Barta Boys & Girls Club Billfish Tournament (http://bartabillfish.com/) and then the day I get back, on the 18th, I have my hand operation.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep in mind I have one swordfish trip left for auction, if anyone is interested.

Let me leave you with a couple Barta-isms for the weekend:

  1. “Never miss the opportunity to help someone else”
  2. “You can never win if you are always afraid of losing”
  3. “Be the most with what God gave you”

This morning I woke up, brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. What I saw was 197 lbs of blue twisted steel powered by Jet A, a touch of nitrous, rolling sex machine! Hey everybody, give me a break, that’s what I saw in the mirror.

Have a great weekend!