Last weekend I picked myself up out of the dust and had a great day fishing for Mangrove Snapper in the backcountry aboard ‘Makaira’.

This weekend celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and what he did for mankind.

Dorothy and I will attend sunrise service on the beach in Islamorada and then later in the day we will have an Easter dinner with friends.

Christianity is under attack around the World. I urge all who are believers do not be afraid to wear their belief on their lapel. When eating out at a restaurant I often say a short prayer before dinner.

We live in very liberal times wherein traditions and beliefs are often under attack by those who believe in nothing and contribute little to our society. I am not one of those people and for the most part the people who I associate with are not either.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and fun Easter and let us not forget what Easter holiday is all about.

I have tomorrow off. It will be very windy for the next 6 days and I hope to search the waters of the backcountry for everything it offers. It takes 6 skilled people to take me scuba diving. It is not pretty but as incredible as it is, I do it. There is a good chance I may go this weekend.

Happy Easter.

Your Friend, Tred