Whoever said the golden years were golden, I think was reading the wrong book. I’m tired of so many challenges in my life, especially now. The tough always get going and the weak spend the rest of their lives complaining.

My hand operation is over and done, the bandage has been removed, my hand is swollen and has taken 39 injections of my own belly fat. It may be weeks before I can tell whether it was successful and although it is not an overnight miracle, I think I feel some relief.

The tremendous emphasizes today on opioid dependence unfortunately is very true. I started taking 10 milligrams of methadone a day, I now take 70. So now I have to deal with getting off of methadone completely, the pain it was originally covering and the additional pain from the puncture wounds on my hand. I feel nauseous, I don’t feel well, my hand is pouring out excruciating pain and all of the things I read on the internet about the symptoms of getting off methadone are exactly what I am experiencing.

I’m on a full-blown regiment of young living natural oils which are 100% pure therapeutic grade and to my benefit are working extremely well.

I refuse to stay out of the public view during this very tough period, it’s a fight I want everyone to share because I will succeed, failure is not an option and it should inspire others to do the same. It is a good opportunity for me to show Dorothy how tough I really am and to start listening to her deep knowledge of health and nutrition. It is so hard because all I have to do is pop a couple of methadone pills and relief is coming but as we all know the hard way, the Barta way is not easy, it is supposed to be hard.

So, to those who like me and to those who don’t, I’ve been man enough to put my cards on the table.

That’s it for me today, let’s all get going and be the most you can be all day. I have a feeling this is going to be a very, very, very tough week for me. Boo hoo hoo, I can do it!