Evening before last I was taken to the ER at 2 AM by the Islamorada Fire Department who put me in a stretcher and took me by ambulance. I was having severe stomach pain coupled with severe arm, back and neck spasms. I had a hard time talking, a hard time seeing and to tell things just like they are I was very, very scared. I was sweating like a pig and then a couple of minutes later I would be freezing. At one point my arms and hands were flailing without control. I didn’t think I was going to make it and I was not prepared to leave this world yet.

Trying to get off pain opiates triggers many complications that I was not aware of. The situation which I found myself in was due to a stalled out lower gastronomic system and a buildup of gas which basically short circuited many of my operating systems from my chest down. Last night I don’t believe I slept more than a couple of hours and again was in terrible discomfort. When you are sick, when you are in excruciating pain or when you are out of control, your entire world stops. Monster swordfish, sunrises and sunsets, all of the things in life which are so valuable to you, don’t mean anything. It is funny just how important basic health is to your outlook on life. As I was getting through this terrible ordeal, Dorothy never left my side and never cracked.

Why do I mention to you these last couple of terrible days? I do so to remind all of us that going through something like this alone would not only be harder but perhaps would not have ended up the way it did. To remind those of faith and to invite those who have not yet understood faith, those who walk with Him do not walk alone and so it is with Dorothy at one hand and the Lord at the other that I am on my way to recovery and this is just another bump in the travel of life. One of the reasons I documented what I have gone through is to show you that I really was scared. At the time I truly did not think I was going to make it. As hard as it is for me to admit that I did not flinch when taking a grizzly bear at 8 yards with a wooden arrow all of us have our breaking point and I just faced one of them.