March 3, 2010

Both my wife, Gigi, and I were 25-year residents of Vail and we have tried unsuccessfully to send a note to Tred Barta:

Tred: I am a retired Alaska flyfishing guide and lodge owner who, for years now, has enjoyed your show – enthusiasm, stubborn old-school purist ways, long-bow, stalk-on-foot-without-technology adventures.

There is not one outdoor program or personality that has brought such quality to the love of the outdoors. I cannot begin to tell you how upset we feel to recently find out that you experienced such a disability. We have nothing we can offer that so many others haven’t done so already, I am sure, except our heartfelt prayers that you recover and that your enthusiasm remains on the same high you always presented yourself.

Know that my wife and family would do anything to help you in any way we can and would only need you to ask.

For now, we will tap the power of God to help us help you.

I am sure God is using you for a short time to show others a view of our outdoors the Tred Barta way. You are making him proud.

While I know you have friends and admirers all over the world, if you find Naples, Fla., has no one, know that the sheets are clean, my wife (the lodge cook) hasn’t forgot how to fill an empty stomach, and while we are in the fourth quarter, our minds have not completely failed us and we can muster up a few old outdoor stories to share.

And it is sometimes sunny and warm here.

God bless you, Tred Barta.

Tom and Gigi LeRoy Naples, Fla.