Been working hard fighting some pretty tough health issues, there is a bad stomach flu going around The Keys.

I have been fighting hard for sport fishermen’s and commercial fishermen’s rights.

I have been exercising on a pretty good schedule and have been trying to exploit my new book ‘Driven’ which can be purchased at or

The inner reef fishing and deep water bottom fishing has been on fire. The Captains at World Wide Sportsman Marina, Bud N’ Mary’s Marina and the Postcard Marina are continually bringing in great catches. It’s a game of being a true professional, knowing the water temperature, the right tide and having a lifetime worth of exact coordinates for bottom structure. In this particular discipline compared to the lifetime captains of the Florida Keys, I am an unequivocal novice.

The tarpon are showing up more and more everyday and there are reports of decent mullet runs which are the forerunner of the tarpon. There have been several migrating blue fin tuna that have been spotted in 120 to 200 feet of water. These are 400 to 500 pound fish trucking north.

I am going to be working on my unanswered private messages this week so I ask for your patience.

Take a look at these pictures, they will make you smile.