On the Fourth of July, 1776 the United States of America declared independence from the British Empire. Although the British at those times were tyrants, today we celebrate a very strong alliance. Many men, women and children died in the process of us gaining the independence of America.

This weekend with family and friends, tip your glass to those who came before us because they paved the way for the freedom which we will enjoy this weekend and as some say “that’s a fact, Jack.”

I met with one of the most celebrated hand surgeons in the world in Miami yesterday. He refused to cut my pinky off and he also refused to do any surgery as my right hand is full of scar tissue from so many other operations and procedures. As the doctor was about to leave I shouted out and said “Sir, you are the greatest in the World, is there absolutely nothing that you can do for me? My life is being ruined by methadone which I must take for pain.” At this point the Doctor reviewed all of my records and advised me of women who have had their breasts removed during a mastectomy operation having severe phantom and shadow pains in different areas. By doing liposuction on a woman patient’s body, and then injecting fat and DNA into the pain area, pain stopped. This is cutting edge research and to his knowledge has never been done to a hand patient.

Well, well, well. I will be the first one. On July 18th I will enter the operating room for this operation. I will unfortunately have to be given anesthesia and knocked out, which no one likes to do to someone like myself. My own DNA and fat will hopefully lubricate and jumpstart many of the nerves in my hand and hopefully it will reduce the pain. If it works, it will be a miracle but it will also open up an opportunity for others.

None of us will be on this Earth forever.

This weekend help somebody else who is less fortunate then yourself. If you see a piece of garbage on the road, pick it up. If you can help an elderly person get just one smile, do it.

Get outdoors, enjoy picnics and at every opportunity fly an American flag with pride.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.

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